From the about webpage of VEBATAGLIERI.IT:

VEBA Meccanica Srl has been a leading company in the “miracle of the Via Emilia” for more than 30 years, carving out a place of respect in the tradition of family and artisan businesses that have sprung up and developed along the Romagna road axis. VEBA Taglieri has collected and continues the history of VEBA MECCANICA in the design and production of woodworking machines and now also of plastics and other materials. Each VEBA machine, both present in the catalog and created for specific needs, contains a tradition that has become history.

I designed the Veba Taglieri new website in 2021 by using WordPress CMS and importing the contents from the old HTML/CSS static website. I refreshed all the graphic appearance and reorganized the experience for all displays. I installed only the basic, free, and light plugins and designed all the pages with Elementor (free version). I shot some photos for sliders and catalog and filmed a brief video that you can see here below:

Check VEBA TAGLIERI’s website in all his glory here: VEBA TAGLIERI.


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