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As you have probably noticed this website is focused on projects, which could be web-related ones, graphic, design, or other kinds of content areas. Furthermore, we are not necessarily talking about closed and realized projects but even projects at any kind of development, from a sketchy idea to full implementations and shipped to a client.  

Projects are organized and posted according to a taxonomy based on their status and composed of five different stages or phases. Here is a brief explanation:

    That’s the “eureka” moment, the delightful moment of enlightenment in which you receive a seemingly good idea from creativity gods and that idea sticks with you even after you get sober or you have a good restoring night of sleep. Besides this, it appears the idea is not a copy of something you saw elsewhere but it even has originality features. 

    The idea you took over from the definition phase is still with you and you have started to think of it as worthy of your time and work. But how much of each? It’s the right moment for a test of feasibility and to write down a list of the resources and the assets that you will need and that would be in your disposition to face the journey.

    It will be done, it is clear now. You need to break the whole deal into tasks and organize them in a chronological way: that’s a roadmap. And with a roadmap, the deadliest villain enters the scene: the deadline. A good tool in this phase is the SMART approach that breaks the process into Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals. 

    No more time for chatting: work has to be done, tasks must be assigned, tracked, and done, goals have to be reached and a deadline respected. Motivate yourself and your team, create hype, sacrifice sleep and fun but get the job fucking done.

    OK, time to celebrate, but just a moment. Say thanks to your collaborators, pay all your suppliers. Write a final report and be sure to send your creation in the world with all the equipment to become successful as you hope.

You can rest a little now, as long as your finance permit. Regenerate your creativity by consuming art, beauty, and fun. The cycle will start again soon. You’re creative after all.

© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy
© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy

The discovery of the cosmic background radiation is considered the most important of the experimental tests in favor of the cosmological theories that foresee a Big Bang.
It is the echo of the creation of the world. The thing that still makes me laugh, after all these years, is that Arno Penzias (the one on the right) and Robert Wilson (on the left) exchanged that inexplicable background noise for a disturbance related to the pigeon poop, the “signals of interest”.
See, origin of all that exists and poop.
To be disbanded.

* These around were the graphic and text elements from my first web blog back in 2004.

I keep them here because I feel nostalgic and I still found them funny after all this time.

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This is me, just a couple of years ago. Well, I would say four or five years ago, now.
I guess this is some kind of mission statement

My name is Daniele and I was born in Italy in 1976.

I’m committed to researching, creating, or collaborating on worthy projects that allow me to learn, change and grow as a creative and human being. I’m available to work or collaborate or participate in any project that I find interesting, on the spot, or from a remote location

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