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In addition to the possibility of contact me to hire me, commission me something or propose a collaboration, there are also different ways to support me.

Here is a list, with anticipated thanks. Don’t be shy, because I really appreciate it.

direct support

Check my Patreon for all the kinds of support and patronization available. A big thank you is on its way to you.

Please use the PayPalMe link for straight and generic money transfers or kind donations.

projects with support system

Le vecchie foto delle stelle –  is my photographic project and features integration with Buy me a coffee support system.

This channel features videos both for personal use and commercial. Just seeing my stuff helps me monetize something;-)

DisSENSO is my very critical blog on Italian society, fully edited and written in italian. Please support DisSENSO on ko-fi.


Busso Striscio Volo is a deck of new regional “romagnole” playing cards that we want to print to play  “Marafone” in Romagna, Italy. CLOSED.


Flag shop on my humanist photography project called Le Vecchie Foto delle stelle. Photo posters and prints to support the projects.

About me

My name is Daniele Prati and I’m a multidisciplinary content designer, interested in exploring, researching, and developing projects and content that combine different arts, disciplines, and platforms while being solid, functional, and unrepeatable.

I’m a location-independent freelance. I am available for commercial and non-profit projects and open to collaborating.
That’s my way of becoming myself.

About the website

This site is organized around the fundamental unit of a project. Projects are classified according to their stage.

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