A Photographers collective

I have been an amateur photographer since I was twenty and I remember to started my first photo blog on urban decay and abandoned places coding every single page in HTML/CSS mimicking the work of a Brooklyn-based genius called Satan’s Laundromat.

Back in 2015, I felt the need to share, collaborate and enter in contact with people with the same passion in order to motivate, grow, and get inspiration. I read this book about street photography and noticed the organizing form most chosen to practice the art was a collective. Why not? 

I used my web skills to start the collective website, I designed a logo and wrote a manifesto. I uploaded my photos and asked my friends and everyone interested to join. No money, no subscriptions, no fees, no prize, nothing, only the absolute freedom of being in contact with some people with the same love for photography.

Romagna Street Photography was born. Seven years later, I’m writing in 2022, we are 20 photographers and more than 3000 photos have been uploaded and seen by people of Romagna and from all over the world. We have published books and fanzines, we organized and edited exhibitions both in nice locations and online. We participated in workshops and no-profit events to promote and encourage the development of art in this territory. And we made all of this remaining a free bunch of free people loving photography.


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