HOW I did destination marketing without knowing

Now is on everybody’s mouth but there was a time when destination marketing wasn’t even a thing and content marketing was just beginning to be something of any relevance. During those years I worked as a front-end developer and graphic designer in an agency led by a couple of friends in Romagna, Italy, whose clients were mostly hoteliers or tourist entrepreneurs.

It was nice, smooth employment because bosses and colleagues were smart, creative people and there was space and time for developing new skills and experimenting in different areas of the work. As the most capable with WordPress at the time I got the task to develop from scratch a portal with touristic and travel information to promote the area and the business of our client hoteliers. I went out with a, a web magazine with plenty of information for travelers and curious about the destination, and for a couple of years was fun to research fairs, lore, events on the territory and promote them.

I left that job in 2016 and I ceased editing the site that is still active but a little neglected. I treasured the experience in content creation and destination marketing and I collected this graphic collection of social covers as a souvenir. Some of them are still used on the web.


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