Dopo il trattino is the second exclusively online photographic exhibition created by Le Vecchie Foto delle Stelle, visible to the public starting from 21 March 2023.

As "BSV carte per gioco" (cards for playing), me and my cousin Mattia are back in the business designing a new deck of playing cards.

Aporia Crataegi is an online experimental photo exhibition featuring 60 photos from my humanist photo project "Le Vecchie Foto delle Stelle". It aims to recreate some features of a museum experience on a webpage.

Dissenso Protest Posters Collection, by Daniele Prati. To keep doing my part even now that awakening is happening.

For Besant I managed to restyle and reorganize all the contents already existing and I went online without interruption of service.

Eventually, I took over the project again, and maintaining the original concept I started a redesign with a totally new approach.

"Dopo il trattino" is composed so far of three elements: a book, a photographic portfolio, and a series of graphic contents and illustrations.

A personal rebranding with a heartful homage to japanese culture.

I designed the Veba Taglieri new website in 2021 by using WordPress CMS and importing the contents from the old HTML/CSS static website.

LOVONE Amore in Romagna is the meeting point between the admiration for Indiana’s masterpiece and the homage to the language of my land.

Busso Striscio Volo is a redesign project aimed to reinvent the traditional playing cards used in Romagna to play an old game called “Marafone“.

Linkography portfolio of sites created on the basis of a CMS (mostly WordPress, but not only)

ROMAGNA ALLA LETTERA is a graphic and design project without a clear destination so far that features vector logos of city names with a illustration twist.

LVFDS is my personal photographic project focused on humanism in photography, and aiming to showing images of people and telling stories about them.

Gallery of logos of different natures designed during the years, for portfolio and reference.

DISPLACEMENT, NY is a photographic project born from a corpus of photographs taken in New York by Stefano Biserni and accompanied by narrative captions by Daniele Prati.

Back in 2015, I felt the need to share, collaborate and enter in contact with people with the same passion in order to motivate, grow, and get inspiration. Romagna Street Photography's collective was born.

Now is on everybody’s mouth but there was a time when destination marketing wasn’t even a thing and content marketing was just beginning to be something of any relevance.

About me

My name is Daniele Prati and I was born in Italy in 1976.
I’m a multidisciplinary creative designer and content creator.

I’m a location-independent freelance aiming to make a living while traveling, learning, creating, and changing.
That’s my way of becoming myself.

About the website

I am interested in exploring, researching, and developing projects and content that combine different arts, disciplines, and platforms while being solid, functional, and unrepeatable.

I am available for commercial and no-profit projects and open to collaborating on engaging projects anywhere.


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I’m always happy to contribute with some of my skills to exciting projects, both no-profit or commercial. If a good idea is in da house please freely check my skills on Bluinfaccia’s online résumé or make me a proposal through my contact form.

All contents are designed and maintained, with laugh and love