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I decided to give a home to my sketches

Content by Daniele Prati (danieleprati.com) licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Recently I realized I needed a place to showcase, archive, and organize my sketches and illustrations as an aspiring beginner illustrator.

I choose Tumblr because is easy, free, and used by some of the guys whose work I admire. 

Usually, you’re supposed to use Instagram for this kind of stuff but somehow I feel still not ready for putting on a pro account as an illustrator. For me, it’s still a hobby and I have so many things and techniques to learn.

For now, you’ll find on my personal Instagram every kind of content, with sketches and illustrations mixed with scenes and things from my daily life, meanwhile, on my Tumblr, I’ll post only a selection of meaningful work that indicates an advance in using a new technique or progress in developing a unique style.

When work or a series of work will be worth being inserted in my portfolio I’ll create a project post on this website.

That’s all, here is my Tumblr: bluinfaccia.tumblr.com.

© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy
© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy

The discovery of the cosmic background radiation is considered the most important of the experimental tests in favor of the cosmological theories that foresee a Big Bang.
It is the echo of the creation of the world. The thing that still makes me laugh, after all these years, is that Arno Penzias (the one on the right) and Robert Wilson (on the left) exchanged that inexplicable background noise for a disturbance related to the pigeon poop, the “signals of interest”.
See, origin of all that exists and poop.
To be disbanded.

* These around were the graphic and text elements from my first web blog back in 2004.

I keep them here because I feel nostalgic and I still found them funny after all this time.