Le vecchie foto delle stelle is a non-profit and independent photographic project created by Daniele Prati, as part of my activity as a multidisciplinary creative designer and content creator.

I run these websites as freelance because I don’t want affiliations to preserve my creative freedom.

If you want to support me or show me some appreciation, here is what you can do.




Out of your kind heart, you can show me some appreciation through Buy me a coffee or



I don’t like the hiring terminology. I prefer to think of people who need someone else skills and creativity to enhance an idea. So, if you think I could be of some use with my photographs to your project, business or idea, just drop me a line here and let’s sort out an agreement:


I can’t start a service of printing and shipping my photos because it’s against my way of intending photography and besides my photos are meant to express my humanity, not to make money out of it.

Want the original high-quality file of one of my photos?
You will not be charged anything, the photo is free.

If you want to grant me a symbolic fee for any entity I’ll appreciate and I’ll thank you.

Fill out the form and don’t forget to indicate to me the photo you desire by writing its filename or uploading a screenshot. I’ll fetch the original file and I’ll send it by mail. 

REQUEST A PHOTO (High-Quality File)


I activated an EXTRA on Buy me a Coffee that works in the same way as the form but it has a suggested fee of 5€.