PHOTO: © Photo Daniele Prati - Le vecchie foto delle stelle


I’m Daniele Prati.
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Humanist photography

To be fair, that’s the second version of the website. The previous one, covering more than fifteen years of photographs, can be found here: Le vecchie foto delle stelle 2000 – 2015. I didn’t invent the thing, the humanist photography, I just find it is the closest mindset to my way of photographing. I’m not a pro.  Eric Kim, a great guy, gives here a satisfactory explanation of the deal. I also like this definition (from here):

This is what humanism in photography is all about. It is about showing images of people and telling stories about them. It is about being a “genuine” human – showing love and affection to others. Humanism in photography is all about images that show empathy and the ability of human beings to empower each other.


Those quotes are my personal favorites, coming from some of my heroes:


“What uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” ~ W. Eugene Smith


“Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.”~ Walker Evans


“The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.
It is always on his doorstep.”
~ Paul Strand


Le vecchie foto delle stelle

The website’s name came from a page of Watchmen graphic novel by Alan Moore e Dave Gibson which I read when I was young, in my mother language which is Italian. On that page, an inhuman guy with the greatest powers in the universe, Dr. Manhattan, tries to reconnect with his human side by remembering the time he was a real man and by watching an old photograph of a happy day in the past.
He fails.
He throws away the photograph –  on the martian soil! – and he thinks: “All we ever see of stars are their old photographs”.

That is, in italian, Le vecchie foto delle stelle.