© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy
© Daniele Prati - Content Designer | Art Web Copy

The discovery of the cosmic background radiation is considered the most important of the experimental tests in favor of the cosmological theories that foresee a Big Bang.
It is the echo of the creation of the world. The thing that still makes me laugh, after all these years, is that Arno Penzias (the one on the right) and Robert Wilson (on the left) exchanged that inexplicable background noise for a disturbance related to the pigeon poop, the “signals of interest”.
See, origin of all that exists and poop.
To be disbanded.

* These around were the graphic and text elements from my first web blog back in 2004.

I keep them here because I feel nostalgic and I still found them funny after all this time.

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This is me, just a couple of years ago. Well, I would say four or five years ago, now.
I guess this is some kind of mission statement

My name is Daniele and I was born in Italy in 1976.

I’m committed to researching, create or collaborating on worthy projects that allow me to learn and change and grow as a creative and human being.
If you think I could be of some use to your amazing project or idea, I would love to hear something from you.

All contents created by Daniele Prati and licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0.

Content by Daniele Prati (danieleprati.com) licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Ciao (again),
I am available to work or collaborate or participate in any project that I find interesting, on the spot, or from a remote location. You can get an idea of my skill set as well as my style, proficiency in using apps and media, and creative influences from the pages of this website or from my extended online résumé.

You can use these contact details to hire me, offer me a collaboration, request informations, or even talk to me about your special project. You may write me a mail right now, maybe after viewing my online résumé at Bluinfaccia or downloading my curriculum vitae [pdf version], or use the contact page to drop me a message.

You can find and follow me on these socials too: facebook, instagram, twitter (please note I don’t check them on regular basis).


Le vecchie foto delle stelle
Personal website as photographer (texts in italian) 

Bluinfaccia “dp” Illustrations
Blog on Tumblr uses as updated portfolio as illustrator.

Extended online CV and résumé with skills, knowledges and a graphs section.