searching for the "genius loci"

Genius loci is a Latin expression designating either the distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place and the guardian deity of a place. This project started from the idea of exploring and discovering the genius loci of the part of Italy called Romagna.
This place in Italy is where I was born and raised, and the place I left multiple times to move to other cities or countries for work, personal, or travel reasons. The name of the project derives from the official Italian name of this region which is composed of the union between two parts: the western one called Emilia and the eastern one, called Romagna. On maps of Italy, this place is called Emilia-Romagna, with a middle hyphen, so the title can be translated as After the hyphen.

A multidisciplinary project

The concept of Dopo il trattino is an ambitious one cause it involves a multidisciplinary approach and requires a crossdisciplinary execution phase. Dopo il trattino is composed so far of three elements: a book, a photographic portfolio, and a series of graphic contents and illustrations. How these parts will get into one object and what this object will look like is still unclear and for this reason, the project is now in the planning phase. This post is intended to work as a kind of roadmap towards the next phase and I hope would help me to help me find motivations and resources inside and outside.

The book

Written in Italian the book is in a part journal, in a part essay, and a bit travel report. It will contain an exploration of people and places in Romagna from the point of view of a man eager to know what was the meaning of being born and raised in this area. The following map shows the routes and the places which I’ll refer to in the text. The first draft is actually on writing and I hope it will be ready before the summer of 2022.

The Photographic project

The photographic part of Dopo il trattino is hosted at Le vecchie foto delle stelle. It is composed of three sections, each one dedicated to a zone of Romagna:

It’s still unclear the form in which these photos will be published in the end: a photobook, as editorial images in the book text, or as an exhibit’s catalog.

The graphic and illustrated stuff

A huge quantity of visual and graphic stuff is also available and ready to be somehow integrated into a publication. As for the text and the photos, it is still to be decided which output will be more suitable for these heterogeneous materials.


June 1st, 2023

I decided to focus on the graphic part of the project while putting on a temporary stall the written one. I’ll maintain the display page created in January and linked in the last update as a recipient for all materials but I will no longer use it as a journal.
Project status will stay on EXECUTION.

January 9th, 2023

Dopo il trattino has become an illustrated journal about Romagna which will be hosted at this link Dopo il trattino.

The project status switches to EXECUTION and this post remains as an archive document about the project itself.

April 28th, 2022

I resumed the work and put that in line. I needed to organize the huge material that I researched and make some important decisions on structure and outline. It took me a whole morning but now I’m ready to begin again writing down stuff.

March 21st, 2022

I started this post on my website and this journal to manage the project more effectively and motivate myself. I’m thinking of using some kind of patronage or crowdfunding to keep the work going.


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