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A Dissident Collection

I spent the pandemic years in Italy, maybe the place that applied the most severe restrictions to the rights and freedom of its citizens. I fought as I could as soon as the great scam started because I realized almost immediately that something wrong was going on.

I opened two blogs of protest: the first on medium Vi sto cercando, ma voi trovatemi  and the second one on this same website: DisSENSO resistenza semantica (both in italian).

I stood for my right and the ones around me even when they suspended me, discriminated against me, and persecuted me. I kept protesting and rebelling without bending to the blackmail and to the harassment.

Now I’m writing in July 2022 and it is crystal clear to everybody who isn’t blind or stupid that there were global powers behind this huge scam that subtracted sovereignty from national countries and people in order to advantage the western financial corporations and organizations close to the USA and the NATO.

To keep doing my part even now that awakening is happening I designed these 12 concepts around political themes to help the community to remain awakened and expand and unite.

I’ll publish the twelve designs in the gallery above as long as I will finish every one of them. I will put them even on socials like Studio Vonnegut ig and I’ll make them free for use and share.

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When I had to think for a name under which place my graphic and visual stuff my mind went straight to Kurt Vonnegut.

I decided to start a new blog to continue to evidence the vicious features of this regime. It's called "Dissent Semantic Resistance", and it's written in Italian.

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