Cronotopia – quantum photography – exhibition is the third exhibition I created for my photo project Le vecchie foto delle stelle.

Cronotopia will be available online on the Le Vecchie Foto delle Stelle website from 1st October 2023 to 21st February 2024. Like her two sisters, even Cronotopia is free to watch and made all with my materials and skills. The theme is “quantum photography”.

From the preface: “About a year ago I started studying quantum mechanics for a writing project. So it happened that I went around taking photos with my head full of incomprehensible concepts and formulas. At a certain point, I realized that the camera was translating my doubts into anomalous and different photographs from the usual. They helped me understand, and giving them this online exhibition is a way of thanking them.

If you want you can pay a virtual ticket or donate, and of course, share is much appreciated.


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