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I’m available to be hired or to get a commission at any time. Nonetheless all my projects are meant to be open and collaborative, so if you are interested in any of them or you have an idea on your own for which you think I could be of help: just drop me a line in the form down this page.

I’m always happy to contribute to any title or be part of exciting projects anywhere. The fastest and more reliable way to contact me is my main email but you can use the form below or my socials and I will catch up to you in a short time.

  • Web Design (Front End, CMS)
  • Copywriting and Storytelling
  • Creative Writing and Editing
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital and Traditional Illustration
  • Video and Photo
  • Motion Graphics

Creation and editing of written contents

Creation and editing of original contents (images, videos and photos, illustrations)

Creation and editing of contents for various platforms and environments

Creation and editing of contents intended for print

Original cross-platform and multidisciplinary contents


An updated traditional CV can be downloaded hereI:updated curriculum vitae [pdf]. There’s also a cover letter I wrote some times ago.

BLUINFAccia: skills and stuff

At Bluinfaccia, a special project from sometimes ago, I keep track of my skills both already possessed and in the learning phase in an interactive way with graphs on complementary competence, skills and stuff.

About me

My name is Daniele Prati and I’m a multidisciplinary content designer, interested in exploring, researching, and developing projects and content that combine different arts, disciplines, and platforms while being solid, functional, and unrepeatable.

I’m a location-independent freelance. I am available for commercial and non-profit projects and open to collaborating.
That’s my way of becoming myself.

About the website

This site is organized around the fundamental unit of a project. Projects are classified according to their stage.

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