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WordPress and the others

WordPress is the CMS I have been used for the longest time for my web projects. I followed the evolution of the workflow and the standard design process through the years and I make a point of keeping myself updated about every new version, technique, or plugin that comes to the community’s attention.


Here is a selection of external links to the WordPress websites I realized during the years both as an employed designer and freelance:

VEBA Taglieri
An Italian company designing and producing wood and plastic working machines.

Associazione CRB360°
A smooth site for some friends who run a group of military archeology in Emilia-Romagna.

Ristopizza Cesena
A nice cozy pizza place and not only, run by some passionate young friends about food.

ENDAS Cesenatico
A.D. Polisportiva Endas Cesenatico is a sports training center, founded in 1970, operating in Cesenatico, awarded the silver star for sporting merit C.O.N.I.

Q Group Rimini
Q Group è un’agenzia di comunicazione a Rimini. Soluzioni reali ed efficaci per social media, grafica, web, marketing.

Hotel Della Porta
An elegant and warm hotel in one of the most little town in Romagna.

Romagna Street Photography
A WordPress multi-author website for a street photography collective.

WordPress website for a dear friend working as storytelling guide in the north-west of Italy.

Occasionally I created websites with other CMS like Prestashop, Magento or Drupal.
At the same time I’m learning to use AEM because of his great potential.


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This is me, just a couple of years ago. Well, I would say four or five years ago, now.
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My name is Daniele and I was born in Italy in 1976.

I’m committed to researching, creating, or collaborating on worthy projects that allow me to learn, change and grow as a creative and human being. I’m available to work or collaborate or participate in any project that I find interesting, on the spot, or from a remote location

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All contents were created by Daniele Prati and licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0.

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