Busso Striscio volo

A second chance

In 2017 I finished a special design project about a playing cards deck used in the Italian zone where I was born and raised: it was called Busso Striscio Volo, you can find it here on this same site.

I designed in a vectorial format all the cards following a new concept regarding the history of Romagna and the seasons of the year. 40 cards, with all the characters and the signs, a retro and even some special contents. The next step would have been crowdfunding but somehow I lost interest in the work and the dissatisfaction with the output grew inside me.

I abandoned the project and devoted myself to other things but the main original concept never left my mind completely. During the last five years I got to research the lore of Romagna for another project –  “Dopo il trattino” – and I developed an interest and some skills for digital bitmap illustration.

Eventually, I took over the project again, and maintaining the original concept I started a redesign with a totally new approach.

The concept and the characters

The new deck is composed of 40 cards divided into four suits: coppe, bastoni, spade e denari. Each suit counts 10 cards of which three are figures, three high-value point cards (cricca) and the remaining four are fewer value cards called lisce.

Each suit is assigned two themes: a historical period in the past of Romagna and a season of the year.

SUITS history 's period Season of the year Figure's characters
Late Middle Ages and Renaissance
Jack: Cesare Borgia, Knight: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, King (Queen): Caterina Sforza.
Jack: Giuseppe "Lazzarino" Afflitti, Knight: Don Giovanni Verità, King: Stefano "Il Passatore" Pelloni
High Middle age
Jack: Severino Boezio, Knight: Odoacre, King: Teodorico il Grande
Roman Empire
Jack: Legio's Soldier, Knight: Mounted Centurion, King: Julius Caesar
The design process can be followed on the social accounts on instagram, facebook, and in the journal below. I activated a mail address dedicated to this project only: bussostrisciovolo[at]gmail.com.


May 24th, 2022

The three characters (figure) of denari‘s suit have been sketched and scanned. Photos of the sketches area available on Busso Striscio Volo‘s facebook page

May 23rd, 2022

Great session today, drawn four linearts for three suits. The deadline is getting closer, but I will be ok if I can keep this pace.

May 17th, 2022

Designed a new logo to match future uses in merchandising and packaging. This is the extended and colored version. There will be a special version with the four suits in the center in place of the rooster. The thing is called “caveja” and it is an old rural tool used by farmers in the fields.

May 16th, 2022

Completed lineart of the base element of “denari” and of the “due di denari”. I shared the linearts on Instagram as suggested by Lari Arantes in the Domestika course I attended last weekend.

May 3rd, 2022

I rethought the historical characters for the “spade” sign: I’ll go with Severino Boezio, the last roman philosopher as Jack, Odoacer, former king of Goti who sacked Rome as Knight, and the Great Teodorico, buried in Ravenna, as the King.

April 11th, 2022

I started this journal on this post to help me keep track of advances in design while at the same time having something to post online to raise interest in the project.


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"Dopo il trattino" is composed so far of three elements: a book, a photographic portfolio, and a series of graphic contents and illustrations.

Busso Striscio Volo is a redesign project aimed to reinvent the traditional playing cards used in Romagna to play an old game called “Marafone“.