Hi, I'm Daniele Prati.

I'm a freelance multidisciplinary creative and here at "Bluinfaccia", I keep track of skills improvements and acquisition and development of knowledge. This extended online CV, with skills résumé and software proficiency, integrates the single A4 page résumé with complementary abilities and graphs about other stuff and skills.

The name of this site, that in italian means "blue in the face", comes from an old joke about this movie scene.

Curriculum vitae


Multidisciplinary Skills



Full proficiency in various branches of design is visualized in the graph for frequency of request. Mixed hybridized designs are possible between one or more of these branches.


When it comes to the web I'm fully qualified and experienced as a frontend developer with all the bits of knowledge that this involves. I can create websites with all the most diffused CMS and I know a little about PHP.

Tools by area of use

Software, apps, and other tools that I can use with maximum proficiency to create contents for any areas of use.

Soft skills

Here are my self-assigned so called "soft skills". I couldn't ask my colleagues, I felt too embarrassed, but I tried to be honest and objective.

Skills Being Acquired

I'm constantly acquiring new skills and expanding my knowledge in order to achieve more potential for hybrid content creation and exploring new areas of self-expression.