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BSV is back on business

L'attentat d'Orsini devant la façade de l'Opéra le 14 janvier 1858, Romano Vittori

At the end of 2022, my cousin Mattia and I launched our first crowdfunding on Kickstarter to fund the print of our regional playing cards: Busso Striscio Volo – nuove carte romagnole da marafone. Despite the efforts made, the campaign failed and the cards were never printed. But we learned a lot about design, crowdfunding, illustration, and production. And we really enjoyed learning. The experience has been gratifying and rewarding even if it has not been crowned with commercial success.

So we decided to repeat the experience making the most of the new knowledge and skills we have acquired: we set to work on a new deck of cards. We renamed ourselves BSV playing cards paying homage to our first project and started work on the new deck from scratch. And we gave ourselves a smooth logo too:

Our new logo: BSV cards for playing: "carte per gioco" in italian

This time we will proceed a little differently. We will immediately involve the community that was created around the first project and we will develop all the work by documenting it live and collecting feedback from the public. In this way, we hope to arrive at the launch of the next crowdfunding supported by a good number of people who are already interested and maybe this time we will reach the goal.

The project officially starts today, with this fact sheet on the site. At the bottom of this text, I will place the diary with updates on the progress of the work. On BSV’s social networks, Facebook page, and Instagram account, I will post creative content, research ideas, and materials related to the process.

Finally, I will come back to edit and enrich this page with new content as we reach a major milestone in the program. Speaking of the program, at the moment the idea is to complete the work by the end of the summer and launch the campaign in the summer or early autumn at the latest.


February 23rd, 2023

The concept is clear: the political struggle among Romagna’s people in the Nineteenth century. Survey launched on socials to decide the name with the community:

February 16th, 2023

Let’s start. Just wrote the project sheet above and stated a few objectives and processes to follow this time. Let’s begin this journey.

Project's STATUS

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Eventually, I took over the project again, and maintaining the original concept I started a redesign with a totally new approach.

Busso Striscio Volo is a redesign project aimed to reinvent the traditional playing cards used in Romagna to play an old game called “Marafone“.