I'm a multidisciplinary creative designer
and content creator

I’m a location independent freelance and this website focuses on projects, about what I’m up to and what I’ve done, and some personal stuff as well.

As life’s project, I try to never stop learning, creating and changing.
That’s the way I’m becoming myself.

Content by Daniele Prati (danieleprati.com) licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

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Daniele Prati Bluinfaccia

Telling mixed humanity through mixed media

My idea to become a digital nomad: learning your story by telling it with all I got. A web or printed photo essay with original copy, peculiar layout, and maybe illustrations.

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Websites for photographers

How I found myself to be an expert in designing websites for photographers and how I really enjoy it.

Content by Daniele Prati (danieleprati.com) licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

A Job Application Post

A post with everything is needed to be found by my new job (I hope). Cover letter, résumé, curriculum vitae, all in one place.

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Content by Daniele Prati (danieleprati.com) licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0
This is me, just a couple of years ago, I swear.
Guess this is some kind of vision statement

I was born in Italy in 1976.
I’m committed to search, create or collaborate to worthy project that allows me to learn and change and grow as a creative and a human being.
If you think I could be of some use to your amazing project or idea, I would love to hear something from you.

All contents created by Daniele Prati  and licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 
Contact: prati.daniele[at]gmail.com

Get in touch

To contact me for a job thing, to hire me or for any kind of proposals you may write me a mail, maybe after viewing my online résumé at Bluinfaccia or downloading my curriculum vitae [pdf version].

You can find and follow me on these socials too: facebook, instagram, twitter (please note I don’t check them on regular basis).


Le vecchie foto delle stelle
Personal website as photographer (texts in italian) 

Bluinfaccia “dp” Illustrations
Blog on Tumblr uses as updated portfolio as illustrator.

Extended online CV and résumé with skills, knowledges and a graphs section.